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What are Fixed Assets? Asset Tracking

What are fixed assets?
Fixed assets are high value, non-consumable equipment used in your business. Common examples of, what are fixed assets, include laptops, cell phones assigned to employees, and tablets. More expensive fixed assets can include things such as company cars and so on. But generally when referring to asset tracking, most companies are looking to track their electronic equipment and other assets which are commonly assigned to specific employees.

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What is asset tracking?

Asset tracking is the implementation of a comprehensive asset tracking software solution which will allow your company to determine where its assets are, who is currently using them, and when they need to be returned. When you implement an asset tracking system, you are ensuring that expensive equipment and the data on it will be far less likely to be lost, misplaced, or stolen. Empower your employees to be responsible and accountable with the equipment they use every day.


What is asset management software?

Asset management software is the cornerstone of any good asset tracking system. Asset management software comes in many different forms: Some integrate with your accounting systems, others are stand alone. Some can track depreciation, wear and tear, and so on – others are designed simply to notify you where an asset is and who is currently using it. The common denominator in asset management software is that all of them are designed to help your business operate more efficiently and with less wasted time. Stop spending valuable man hours looking for equipment or trying to figure out who has already been assigned tablets – find out with just the press of a button!

See the video – What are fixed assets

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