Transportation & Logistics Software Solutions

Transportation and Logistics Software Solution

Moving freight and cargo efficiently and safely requires that your business track essential data about each shipment, including point of origin, shipping date, destination, dimensions, and more. Barcode technology offers a simple way for your business to track and manage data, giving you instant access to the information you need about each shipment and facilitating smooth movement of shipments through the supply chain.

EMS Barcode Solutions carries a wide variety of barcode-based solutions designed to assist logistics and freight operators, including asset tracking software, inventory management software, RFID tracking equipment, barcode scanners, wireless data collectors, and advanced labeling systems. Barcode technology can be used to improve the efficiency of a wide variety of activities in transportation and logistics, including:


Tracking point of origin, shipping date, delivery date, destination, dimensions, weight, contents, and more for each shipment
Improving the efficiency of shipping and receiving, break-downs, order picking, and packing
Monitoring the movement of trucks, shipping containers, and pallets using RFID (radio frequency identification) technology
Accessing barcode data on items or labels quickly and easily with a barcode scanner or mobile computer
Creating shipping labels for containers, pallets, and products, designed to withstand harsh and high-temperature conditions
Optimizing load-planning, routes, accounting, and scheduling
Printing receipts at the point of delivery

At EMS Barcode Solutions, we understand the importance of accuracy and efficiency for transportation and logistics providers. If you’re ready to learn more about how barcode solutions can benefit your business, contact EMS Barcode Solutions. Our experts will work with you to design and implement a solution that will help your business improve efficiency, streamline operations, and cut costs.



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