Sell used barcode equipment
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Sell Used Barcode Equipment

Sell Your Used Barcode Equipment

EMS Barcode will purchase your overstock new or used barcode equipment, including used barcode scanners, used handheld mobile computer, and used thermal barcode printer. Interested in offsetting the cost of an equipment refresh? Looking for a way to incorporate green initiatives into your business, and keep your old equipment out of a landfill? Contact EMS Barcode today by filling out the form below for a customized quote to purchase your existing barcode equipment. We can buy all types of used barcode equipment including but not limited to the following brands.

Disposal of Barcode Equipment

If you’ve recently upgraded your barcode scanners and barcode equipment, the question you may be asking now is, “What to do with the older barcode devices?” The short answer is sell barcode scanner and printer equipment to us. That’s right! Sell used printers and barcode scanner equipment to EMS Barcode Solutions.

If you’re older barcode units are still usable, consider selling them to us. If your barcode scanners and equipment are broken, inoperative or obsolete, consider recycling them. Barcode scanners contain components and metals that can be recycled and re-used, but can have a negative impact on the environment if disposed of improperly. In short, never throw unwanted barcode equipment in the trash.

At EMS Barcode, we can dispose of your unwanted barcode scanners and barcode equipment both safely, efficiently, and FREE of charge. We follow strict EPA guidelines when doing so. Before bringing us your broken or outdated barcode devise(s), make sure 1) all private customer data has been erased (Our policy is to safeguard against customer data or identity theft) and, 2) use cardboard boxes. This makes transporting the equipment to our facility much easier, especially if you have a lot of unwanted barcode hardware.

Sell Used Barcode Equipment

If you’d like to sell used barcode equipment including barcode scanners and printers – please fill out the form below:

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