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sales-rep-barcode-solutionsComprehensive Solutions for Direct Store Delivery by EMS Barcode Solutions

Sales Rep Barcode Solution | Direct Store Delivery Pre-Sales is the opportunity for field sales reps to make and submit orders while being on location. Being able to do this when with the customer allows for current fulfillmnet of their products. This bundle has MiTEzSales Mobile®, making it possible to:

  • Process orders, both regular and future
  • View previous customer sales history and average sales by product
  • Review past customer sales information and history
  • Easily average sales by product
  • Keep date sensitive pricing and promotions organized
  • Make work orders for various product displays
  • Track customer inventory through numerous in store locations
  • Follow quality control and product freshness

EMS Barcode Solutions supplies this application that can have remote sales reps place orders without hassle. They can be automated with the easy to use interface.

Comprehensive Solutions for Route Sales by EMS Barcode Solutions

Sales Rep In-a-Box | Direct Store Delivery Route Sales offers pre-sales and delivery options that will change the way you do business. It allows mobile workers to have the tools to fulfill orders on location from their vehicle inventory. This bundle has MiTEzSales Mobile®, allowing you to:

  • Complete orders and create invoices with digital signature capture on location
  • See most recent customer AR by invoice level
  • Gather numerous forms of payments in the field
  • Set correct credits for returns with reason codes
  • Keep a perpetual truck inventory with audit trails
  • Make suggested regular or future orders with PAR levels and buildups

Make the route settlement process more efficient with this solution. Boost accountability of the mobile workforce through this easy to learn application.

Comprehensive Solutions for Merchandising by EMS Barcode Solutions

Sales Rep Barcode Solution | Field Service Merchandising is a tool ideal for field professionals who organize sotre and promotional displays to complete daily tasks. This solution was created to track time and control duties at each store on their route. Information can be updated instantly so that managers can see employees progress and manage quality control. The EzMerchandizing® offers the following features:

  • Task Management
  • Dynamic Scheduling
  • Real-Time Messaging

With the field sevice merchanding solution users can perform field site inspections and customer surveys quickly.

Comprehensive Solutions for Sales Force Automation by EMS Barcode Solutions

Sales Rep In-a-Box | Sales Force Automation gives field sales reps the chance to make and submit orders fast while on location to fulfill products. This bundle featuring MiTEzSales Mobile® allows users to easily:

  • See status of orders instantly
  • Give better forecasting by caputuring important information in the field
  • Review historical sales history and see previous inventory levels
  • Keep PAR levels or buildups to create suggested orders
  • See item level invoice information such as AR Due and aging
  • Gather multiple forms of payment while providing a digital & paper receipt with signature capture

Your mobile sales force will improve sales and keep your important customer satisfaction ratings high.

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