RW 420 Route Palette

Zebra RW 420 Route Palette

• Simultaneous charger for mobile computers and mobile printers
• Different versions fit different Motorola mobile computers
• Shoulder strap or solid carrying handle
• Allows printer and mobile computer to charge simultaneously

The Zebra RW420 Route Palette is a carrier for the RW420 mobile printer which also contains a slot which can hold a Motorola MC9500 series, MC909X-S, MC75, or MC70 mobile computer. It has a IP42 rating and can resist multiple 4’ drops to concrete. With the RW420 Route Palette your employees will be faster and more efficient, and it will also keep your equipment safer by preventing loss or accidental drops.

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Zebra RW 420 Route Palette Accessories
P1028911 · $349.37 · Add to Cart

Accessories, RW 420 Route Palette Kit for Motorola MC9590/MC9596/MC9598

AK18829-1 · $22.24 · Add to Cart

Route Palette kit cable power

AK18830-1 · $21.25 · Add to Cart

Line Cord for 4-Bay Power Station for the RW420 Route Palette

AK18831-1 · $53.13 · Details

Cigarette lighter power cable for RW420 Route Palette

AK18865-1 · $69.36 · Add to Cart

Route Palette RAM mount hardware kit

AK18822-1 · $70.84 · Details

Route Palette Vehicle Cradle Charger (Requires Cable) for the RW420

AK18823-2 · $389.62 · Add to Cart

Route Palette kit charger – quad