Automatically track Time and Attendance data with WaspTime.

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WaspTime makes time and attendance management easy for small to medium businesses. WaspTime can be customized to tailor your specific needs now and as it grows. It helps to lower the amount of time spent on employee timekeeping and makes for a more effective employee tracking system.

The WaspTime solution works well for industries where tracking of hourly and salaried employee time is a necessity. This includes manufacturing, warehouse/distribution, healthcare, retail, government, educational agencies and more. WaspTime is easy to install and is specifically designed to improve efficiency in employee time tracking. EMS Barcode Solutions will provide lifetime tech support on all Wasp products, including helping you install and use your time and attendance systems.

WaspTime software lets you manage lost time and productivity effectively. When these two things are controlled by the organization, then you can avoid many of the pitfalls of business. Top companies of all industries have invested in time and attendance systems, don’t miss your opportunity! A APA (American Payroll Association) study shows that by using an automated time and attendance system, companies can save up to 4% of annual payroll expense. That is something that will really separate you from the competition!


  • Create and print custom inventory, asset, shipping and other labels
  • Import information from Office, Microsoft SQL Sever, ODBC data sources, QuickBooks, and other external databases
  • Pick from 100+ pre-designed labels
  • Export barcodes as images
  • Control how your organization’s time is spent

WaspTime software gives your business the opportunity to:

  • Set rules for how to measure employee time (rounding, overtime, early clock in/out)
  • Track employee time, such as: arrival time, departure time, lunch, breaks, overtime, holiday, absences
  • Lower mistakes from manual time tracking
    • Stop inconsistent labor hours and buddy punching (when using biometric time clock)
    • Improve timecard accuracy
  • Reduce payroll processing time
    • Minimize expenses from payroll and data entry errors
  • Create 30+ professional management reports
    • Total employee work hours sorted by employee and supervisor
    • Overtime hours
    • Employee tardiness reports and more

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Accessories & Warranties

WaspTime Accessories
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Standard to Professional v7 WaspTime Upgrade

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Standard to Enterprise v7 WaspTime Upgrade

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Professional to Enterprise v7 WaspTime Upgrade

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WaspTime Admin/Mgr Upgrade – 5 Additional Licenses

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WaspTime Admin/Mgr Upgrade – 1 Additional License

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Standard to Standard v7 WaspTime Upgrade

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Professional to Professional v7 WaspTime Upgrade

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Enterprise to Enterprise v7 WaspTime Upgrade

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50 Additional WaspTime Employee Licenses

WaspTime Warranties
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2-hour Web Training (Recommended for Standard)

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On Site Training 12-Hour Contiguous

633808600242 · $329.91 · Add to Cart

3-hour Web Training (Recommended for Pro and Enterprise)