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The Wasp MobileAsset solution as offered by EMS Barcode Solutions stops idle time spent searching for missing assets and lowers equipment loss expenses. MobileAsset can acquire critical information for each asset, such as location, check-in and check-out, maintenance schedules and cost, warranty contracts, and depreciation. MobileAsset offers 48+ immediately accessible management reports that put the important information in your hands. At EMS Barcode Solutions, our experienced consultants guide you to finding the best solution.

Are you ready to take your organization’s asset management to the next level? MobileAsset is perfect for saving time and money, putting a stop to asset loss, improving equipment maintenance, and correctly computing taxes based on depreciation schedules. The MobileAsset tracking solution is created to handle your application demand and be to be simple enough to master out of the box. And as always, EMS Barcode Solutions offers lifetime tech support on all Wasp products.

Recommended for:

MobileAsset is excellent for managing assets in government and education, healthcare and small to mid-sized companies. Track assets such as company property, furniture, fixed assets, IT assets, medical equipment, files, tool, and more. The opportunities offered by MobileAsset include:

  • Less time spent looking for missing or unreturned asset
  • Increase the useful equipment life through scheduled routine maintenance
  • Easy access of information for asset cost and depreciation to fast tax calculations
  • Reduce replacement expenses of lost assets


  • Set specific due dates while checking assets out
  • Move asset responsibility to a different employee while checked out
  • Follow assets by location, department, site, product and serial number
  • Use custom filters to move assets
  • Receive purchase orders with invoice and warranty information
  • Attach files to an asset for reference
  • Use a hyperlink for an asset record
  • Track information with up to 20 custom fields to fit your work
  • Quickly audit your assets on a PC or mobile device
  • Create location labels and employee badges for tracking
  • MobileAsset can be use with a printer to print asset tags and more

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Accessories & Warranties

Wasp MobileAsset Accessories
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Wasp MobileAsset Additional Mobile License

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Standard to Enterprise v6 MobileAsset Upgrade

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Standard to Standard v6 MobileAsset Upgrade

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Standard to Professional v6 MobileAsset Upgrade

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Professional to Professional v6 MobileAsset Upgrade

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Enterprise to Enterprise v6 MobileAsset Upgrade

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Professional to Enterprise v6 MobileAsset Upgrade

Wasp MobileAsset Warranties
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2-hour Web Training (Recommended for Standard)

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On Site Training 12-Hour Contiguous

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3-hour Web Training (Recommended for Pro and Enterprise)