Wasp CountIT

Wasp CountIt

Easily download your existing inventory information to a mobile computer, take inventory, and then update directly to QuickBooks with Wasp CountIt.

Wasp CountIt

Wasp CountIt is an inventory counting program designed to be compatible with QuickBooks. CountIt makes it quick and easy to download existing inventory counts directly from QuickBooks to the mobile computer, do an inventory count, and then re-upload the updated information back into QuickBooks. This means your inventory counts will be faster and more efficient than ever before.

Eliminate manual pen and paper methods and the inaccuracies associated with them
Improve efficiency by spending less time on inventory counts and ensure accuracy of inventory levels
Affordable software designed to be compatible with QuickBooks


  • Data Import and Export Wizard
    • Walks you through the collection of date from your QuickBooks file
  • Easy Interface
    • CountIt comes with a user friendly and intuitive interface, allowing you to easily see what items were counted, not counted, where there were discrepancies, and double counts.

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