Symbol-Motorola LS3408-ER

• Flexible working range for a distance of less than 1 inch up to 45 feet
• Able to withstand multiple 6.5 foot drops onto hard surfaces
• 650-nm laser delivers a clearly visible line for more accurate scanning
• Supports multiple on-board interfaces for flexible connectivity

For greater productivity and maximum reliability, choose the Motorola / Symbol LS3408-ER 1D handheld barcode scanner. The Motorola LS3408-ER scans barcodes as close as ¼” up to 45 feet away, so you never have to leave the forklift seat. Rugged exterior stands up to tough environments such as those in warehousing and manufacturing. Comfortable ergonomic design provides all-day use. The LS3408-ER handheld barcode scanner features multiple interfaces for a seamless integration within your existing computing infrastructure. Measures 7.34H x 4.8W x 2.9D.

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Accessories & Warranties

Symbol-Motorola LS3408-ER Accessories
CBA-U01-S07ZAR · $21.25 · Add to Cart

Cable, USB Cable, 7 ft. (2m) Straight, Series A Connector.

CBA-T13-C09ZAR · $65.33 · Add to Cart

(9 feet, Coiled, RS-232) for the VRC 7900/8900.

CBA-K08-C20PAR · $65.33 · Add to Cart

Cable, (20 feet, Keyboard wedge, PS/2, PW).

50-15400-031 · $112.56 · Add to Cart

Tool Balancer: Pulley 10′ Cable

25-71917-02R · $68.2 · Details

Cable Assembly, RS-232 cable, VC5000/LS3408

25-71918-01R · $78.72 · Add to Cart

Cable Assembly, 9 ft, Extended, Coiled. Connects LS34XX to the VC5090. Non-standard USB, call for more information.

21-52612-01R · $98.39 · Add to Cart

Rugged scanner holder (can be mounted on forklift)

20-54090-07R · $54.31 · Add to Cart

Twlight black stand assembly for LS34xx

11-66553-06R · $25.19 · Add to Cart

Dura gray wall mount bracket for several Motorola DS and LS barcode scanners

Symbol-Motorola LS3408-ER Warranties
SXB-LS3408-30 · $48.04 · Details

3 year Advanced Exchange Service Start Bronze LS3408