Symbol-Motorola DS6878-PR

• 1D and 2D Barcode Scanner
• Cable-free roaming up to 300 feet from host device
• IP43, withstands multiple 6ft drops to concrete.
• Scans both 1D and 2D barcodes at high speeds

The Motorola DS6878-PR is Motorola’s answer to the problem of having to sacrifice speed in order to get scanning versatility. The DS6878-PR is specifically designed to scan both 1D and 2D barcodes at high speeds with an extremely high rate of accuracy. With an optional hands-free presentation cradle and Bluetooth 2.1 capabilities, the DS68780-PR is perfect for any business which needs flexibility from their scanners.

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Symbol-Motorola DS6878-PR Accessories
SXB-DS6878-30 · $67.57 · Details

3-Year, Comprehensive coverage, Advanced Exchange Service (Free Overnight Replacement) For Your DS6878. Available Only On New Units.

SSB-DS6878-30 · $58.63 · Details

3-Year, Standard Coverage, Bronze Service (3-Day Turnaround Time) For Your DS6878. Available Only On New Units.

CR0078-SC10007WR · $143.90 · Add to Cart

Twilight Black Universal Charging Cradle, Standard Base, Multi-Interface, Bluetooth For The DS6878. Barcode scanner, Power supply, and Cables Sold Separately.

CBA-U01-S07ZAR · $21.25 · Add to Cart

Cable, USB Cable, 7 ft. (2m) Straight, Series A Connector.

BTRY-LS42RAA0E-01 · $22.83 · Add to Cart

Symbol Spare battery for LS4278, DS6878 and LI4278

AXB-DS6878-10 · $61.07 · Details

Motorola Service Contract – 1 year, 1 Year Advanced Exchange. Includes Comp and Cradles