Symbol-Motorola DS6878-HC

• Easy to hold regardless of hand size and reduces fatigue
• Able to withstand drops of up to 6 feet onto hard surfaces
• Scans any 1D or 2D bar codes on any surface including mobile phones and computer screens
• Plastic housing allows for safe wipe downs and disinfecting.

The Motorola DS4298 HC barcode scanner offers the ruggedness and flexibility you need for healthcare and hospital environments. Omni directional scanning pattern makes bar code scanning fast, easy and comfortable. The DS4208-HC captures 1D and 2D bar codes on patient ID wristbands as well as pharmaceuticals, blood bags, syringes for medical administration and specimens for tracking. This barcode scanner is able to error-proof and streamline processes in just about every area of your healthcare facility. Offers rapid and accurate image capture even of poor quality and damaged bar codes. Measures 6.7L x 2.7W x 3.7H”.

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Symbol-Motorola DS6878-HC Accessories
SXB-DS6878-30 · $67.57 · Details

3-Year, Comprehensive coverage, Advanced Exchange Service (Free Overnight Replacement) For Your DS6878. Available Only On New Units.

SSB-DS6878-30 · $58.63 · Details

3-Year, Standard Coverage, Bronze Service (3-Day Turnaround Time) For Your DS6878. Available Only On New Units.

PWRS-14000-253R · $23.26 · Add to Cart

Supply, 5vcd/850ma (For Use in US, Ca, Mx, Br, Jp, Tw) (Includes Line Cord)

CR0078-SC1009BWR · $154.97 · Add to Cart

Cradle, Bluetooth, Charging Health care White

CR0078-PC1F007WR · $158.67 · Add to Cart

Charging and Bluetooth Communications Base Unit For The LI4278 and DS6878. Color: Black

CR0078-PC1F09BWR · $162.35 · Add to Cart

DS Series Accessories, Base Presentation Chg Bluetooth Fips HC White

CR0078-SC10007WR · $143.90 · Add to Cart

Twilight Black Universal Charging Cradle, Standard Base, Multi-Interface, Bluetooth For The DS6878. Barcode scanner, Power supply, and Cables Sold Separately.

CR0008-SC1009BR · $79.56 · Details

STD Base (Charge Only, Hc, White)

CBA-U01-S07ZAR · $21.25 · Add to Cart

Cable, USB Cable, 7 ft. (2m) Straight, Series A Connector.

BTRY-LS42RAA0E-01 · $22.83 · Add to Cart

Symbol Spare battery for LS4278, DS6878 and LI4278

AXB-DS6878-10 · $61.07 · Details

Motorola Service Contract – 1 year, 1 Year Advanced Exchange. Includes Comp and Cradles

21-135001-01 · $23.61 · Add to Cart

Bracket Assembly (Cradle Mounting) For The DS6878