Metrologic MS9590 Voyager GS

• Ergonomic design fits comfortably into a wide range of hand sizes
• 100 scans per second improves scan times with increased scanning speed
• Durable construction reduces downtime and service costs
• Automatic in-stand detection allows for seamless transition from hand-held to presentation mode scanning

This handheld barcode scanner boasts outstanding speed and agility for your organization’s mission critical needs. Super-charged performance enables the user to capture 100 scans per second with amazing accuracy. Also, features a new ergonomic design that maximizes comfort and reduces fatigue for customers desiring a trigger-activated, handheld barcode scanner. The VoyagerGS 9590 is ideally suited for a variety of applications, including retail point-of-sale, office automation and healthcare.

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Accessories & Warranties

Metrologic MS9590 Voyager GS Accessories
55-55809-N-E-3 · $12.66 · Details

USB Cable (Black, Type A and 2 Pigtail Straight, Host Power with EAS)

53-53809-N-3 · $7.46 · Add to Cart

(USB, Black Type A, Coiled Host Power)

53-53000-3 · $7.46 · Add to Cart

Cable, RS-232, black, DB-9 female, 2.9m (9.5′), coiled, 5V external power

46-00525 · $22.39 · Add to Cart

Power supply, North American plug, 1A output current, 90 to 255 AC input voltage, 50-60 Hz, 5.2 VDC

Metrologic MS9590 Voyager GS Warranties
HSVC9590-SMS5 · $20.69 · Details

MS9590 Voyager GS, Service Contract, 5 Year Service Made Simple, 1 Day Turn Around, Comprehensive coverage