Metrologic MS5145 Eclipse

• Ideal for retail, menu scanning, POS, inventory control and document processing
• CodeGate lets users complete data transmission with the push of a button—perfect for menu scanning applications
• Flash ROM protects with free firmware updates

The Honeywell Eclipse 5145 is a compact and cost-effective 1D barcode scanner that lets you simplify data collection and reduce errors. With patented CodeGate technology it enables users to easily target the desired barcode and transmit information with a single push of a button. The Eclipse 5145 is also OPOS and JPOS system compatible which makes it easily adaptable to any existing system.

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Accessories & Warranties

Metrologic MS5145 Eclipse Accessories
55-55002-3 · $12.21 · Details

Cable, Keyboard wedge, black, 2.4m (7.9′), straight, 5V external power

55-55235-N-3 · $7.46 · Add to Cart

Cable, USB, black, Type A, 2.9m (9.5′), straight, host power

55-55000-3 · $7.46 · Details

Cable, RS-232, black, DB-9 female, 2.9m (9.5′), coiled, 5V external power

46-46633 · $12.21 · Add to Cart

Stand (for the MS5145 Eclipse Scanner)

46-00525 · $22.39 · Add to Cart

Power supply, North American plug, 1A output current, 90 to 255 AC input voltage, 50-60 Hz, 5.2 VDC

Metrologic MS5145 Eclipse Warranties
HSVC5145-SMS5 · $20.69 · Details

Service, 5-year, comprehensive coverage, 1-day turnaround service for your MS5145

HSVC5145-W · $9.41 · Details

MS5145 Eclipse, 5145 Eclipse Extended Warranty, 1-Year

HSVC5145-SMS3 · $10.34 · Details

Service, 3-year, comprehensive coverage, 1-day turnaround service for your MS5145