Honeywell 3820i

• Features Bluetooth® wireless connectivity for maximum productivity
• Ideal for retail, point-of-sale, light warehouse, and healthcare applications
• Reads linear (1D) barcodes up to 24 inches away
• Includes a 3-year warranty with 1 year of battery coverage

Bluetooth connectivity allows you to transmit 1D barcode data wirelessly from up to 33 feet away, improving productivity and giving you the freedom to scan barcode labels wherever items are located. Pair the 3820i’s base station with up to 7 scanners for a reduced cost of ownership. The 3820i can easily scan barcodes up to 24 inches away and is the ideal barcode scanner for retail, point-of-sale, warehouse, and healthcare users. The 3820i includes a compact, space-saving base station and supports USB, keyboard wedge, RS232, and light pen (wand) emulation. Use the 3820i as a hand-held scanner or in presentation-mode while the scanner is docked in the base station. The 3820i cordless barcode scanner includes a 3-year warranty with 1 year of coverage for the scanner battery. Durable construction ensures that the 3820i can withstand multiple 3.3-foot drops to concrete. Scanner measures 6.5”L x 3.2”W x 6.2”H, base measures 5.5”L x 4.3”W x 3.2”H.

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Accessories & Warranties

Honeywell 3820i Accessories
PS9U-21 · $12.19 · Details

This part is replaced by PS9U-21E. Power supply, 9 Volt DC, Input voltage with US AC connection

PS-090-2000D-NA · $14.93 · Add to Cart

Power supply, 9V D/C, 100-240V AC. Includes power cord (Part#77900506E)

MB4-BAT-SCN01NAD0 · $232.73 · Add to Cart

4-Bay Battery Charger for the 1202g, 3820, 3820I, 4820, 4820I, 6320DPM Lithium Batteries. (Includes North American Desktop Power supply, two mounting screws and instructions)

77900506E · $5.43 · Add to Cart

Power cord, Cable: power cord, power supply to AC outlet, straight, 1.8m (6.0 ft.) – US

42206422-01E · $26.46 · Details

Cable, RS-232 TTL, black, DB-9, 2.3m (7.7′), straight, 5v external power

42206202-02E · $13.57 · Add to Cart

Cable, USB, black, Type A, 2.8m (9.2′), coiled, host powered

42206161-01E · $8.82 · Add to Cart

Cable, USB, black, Type A, 2.6m (8.5′), straight, host power

42206132-02E · $13.57 · Add to Cart

Cable, AT – PS/2 & compatibles, wedge Connector: Mini Din 6 PIN M/F Length: 9.2 ft. (2.8m), coiled

42205895-01E · $44.78 · Add to Cart

Cable, RS-232 TTL, black, coiled, 2.3m (7.7′), power from PS/2 keyboard/mouse port

42205155-05E · $13.57 · Details

Cable, IBM 46xx, black, RS-485 Port 9A/B, 3.1m (10.2′), coiled

42203758-04E · $13.57 · Add to Cart

Cable, RS-232 TTL, Connector: D 9 Pin F connector, TX data on pin 2, external power, coiled Length: 7.7 ft. (2.3m)

42203758-03E · $44.78 · Add to Cart

Cable, RS-232 TTL, Connector: D 9 Pin F, power on pin 9, TX data on pin 2, coiled Length: 7.7 ft. (2.3m)

300000651E · $120.09 · Details

Cordless battery charge kit (includes lithium ion battery, battery charge sleeve, retention mechanism, and instructions)

2020-5BE · $219.83 · Add to Cart

Compact cordless charging base for 3820, 4620, 4820 and 4820I lithium batteries. Provides host interface and RF link between imager and host. Requires power supply (part #PS-090-2000D-NA).

2020-CB-AE · $102.45 · Add to Cart

Base, With charging function only, No host interface or RF interface, For North America

200001576E · $31.21 · Details

Battery Charge Sleeve For Cordless Imagers, For Use Lithium Ion Battery

100003438FRE · $35.28 · Details

Gray Tool Free ThumbWheel Endcap (Use with Orange IND Cordless Scanner)

100005325FRE · $22.53 · Details

Gray tool Free, Thumbwheel end cap and Load instruction 3820, 4820

100000495 · $39.42 · Details

Lithium ion battery for 1202g, 1902, 3820, 3820I, 4820, 4820I and 6320

Honeywell 3820i Warranties
HSVC3820IK-SMS5 · $127.55 · Details

Service, 3820i, 1-Day Turnaround, Comprehensive coverage, 5-Year

HSVC3820IK-SMS3 · $65.49 · Details

Service, 3820i, 1-Day Turnaround, Comprehensive coverage, 3-Year