Armor510 Industrial Tablet (Android) w/2D Barcode Scanner

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Armor 510 10.1” Industrial Tablet, RAM 3G, ROM 32G, Android 7.0, 2D barcode scanner, 1920*1200 Display

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The Armor510 is a rugged tablet that is engineered to make your life easier in any harsh and demanding application. It’s lightweight but durable and comes with an Android OS (Windows 10 Pro available). The Armor510 offers a large 10.1” HD screen, a fast Quad Core 1.8GHz CPU so your tablet will never slow you down, and an intergraded 2D barcode scanner to increase accuracy and speed. The Armor510 is rugged, flexible, and powerful while remaining one of the most cost-effective tablets on the market.

Everything You Need At Your Finger Tips: Supervisors can quickly access the information they need to help staff without needing to walk back to their desk

Go Paperless: Why spend tens of thousands of dollars a year on paper? Speed up your operations, increase accuracy and reduce errors by using a tablet at each workstation

Enjoy Freedom: Whether you need the ability to place orders out in the field, work throughout the facility, or are required to always be on the go, you’ll never be tied to your desk again to access the information you need.

Rugged box: Features rubber corner bumpers, IP 65 rating, and a lightweight frame that won’t twist when dropped. The HD touch screen is also easy to use with or without gloves on.

Flexible box: Available with Android OS (Windows 10 Pro available), an optional 2D barcode scanner, built-in NFC, and loaded with wireless connectivity options that will always keep you connected. Bluetooth 4.0, WWAN: 4G LTE, 3G WCDMA, GSM, Wifi: 802.11 a/b/c/g/n

The Armor510 also includes USB, micro USB, mini HDMI, and RJ45

Powerful Box: The Quad core,1.8GHz CPU offers ultra-fast performance and is supported with 3GB RAM/ 32GB ROM. The 10.1” full HD screen is easy to view indoors or out in the field. The battery is also designed to ensure you can operate for a full shift without having to recharge.

Armor510 Industrial Tablet (Android) w/2D Barcode Scanner Accessories
Armor510 Tablet Breakaway Shoulder Strap · $39.00 · Add to Cart

Breakaway shoulder strap for the Armor510 tablet. Tablet sold separately.

Armor510 Tablet Hand Strap & Carrying Strap · $29.00 · Add to Cart

Hand strap and carrying strap for the Armor510 tablet. Tablet sold separately.

Quick Release Wall Mount With Custom Adapter Plate · $99.00 · Add to Cart

Quick release flush mount for the Armor510

Tall Tilt/Swivel Desktop Mount w/Custom Adapter Plate · $169.00 · Add to Cart

Ideal surface mount solution for the ARMOR510

Height Adjustable Desktop Mount w/Custom Adapter Plate · $179.00 · Add to Cart

Permanent workstation mounting solution with decorative base for the ARMOR510

Medium Pole Mount w/Custom Adapter Plate · $109 · Add to Cart

Medium sized pole mount with articulated connector to adjust the angle. Used for the ARMOR510. Note: Mounting housing not included.