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patient-management-barcode-solutions Patient Management Solutions

The healthcare industry has to balance both keeping to their budgets and offering more services. Automated identification products like barcodes and barcode readers, mobile computers, wireless networks, and RFID can make a huge difference. They will help your organization increase accuracy. These products make it easy for healthcare professionals to track and collect patient information. These patient management solutions also lower medical errors, and therefor lowering extra expenses. Complete solutions for the healthcare market give real solutions for current problems.

Patient Managment

Nurse Barcode Solution | Patient Management is a dependable yet flexible mobile solution. It is important for your business to pick the correct tools to deliver the federally mandated healthcare related information.

  • Lower human errors by supplying an easy way to track patients with a barcoded wristband
  • Created to let nurses be mobileBarcoded wristbands can be printing right at the patients side
  • The medical grade products keep a sanitary working environment for the nurses
  • The Barcode wrist bands keep “Five Rights” that patients are guareenteed
  • Saves time during patient check in by tracking patients with barcodes

Wristband Printing

Nurse Barcode Solution | Patient Management is an easy printing solution for hospitals and institutions looking for a thermal wristband printing system for patient identification. The TSP828L direct thermal printer creates numerous different types and sizes of FusionBand’s products. You can easily create these self laminated wristbands. The complete bundled solution allows users these benefits:

  • Increased patient safety and overall customer satisfaction
  • Decrease operational costs
  • Guarantee of HIPAA compliancy

All of your patients will be identified correctly and without hassle with this out of the box solution.

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