Large Scale Manufacturer Improves Inventory Management

Large Scale Manufacturer Improves Inventory Management

Large Scale Manufacturer Improves Inventory Management

Whether you have a large or small business, inventory management is a pertinent task that is neglected. If there is proper inventory balance, your business is able to manage the ins and outs of items while finding new opportunities for business growth and waste reduction.

Equally important, the maintenance of manufacturing equipment is a necessary process for large corporate businesses, yet checking for required repairs can be a huge pain-stake for managers and employees.

Now, imagine tracking maintenance and repair jobs for large-scale machines in the midst of daily operations. It can seem overwhelming to maintain long-term excel sheets and purchase orders, however, it is vital for companies that service this fast-paced industry to minimize any downtime of these manufacturing behemoths.

Manufacturer Relies On Excel

Like in so many industries, this manufacturer was still trying to manage their inventory on Excel sheets, clipboards, and old-fashioned memorization. Old-fashioned procedures resulted in a tremendous amount of time loss, as employees frequently had to search high and low through the warehouse to find the right part for a work order or purchase order. Inventory management on excel isn’t worth the headache.

With the lack of real-time tracking, business stock levels ran low, thus requiring managers to put in for rush orders for items already due. Because of this insignificant cause, the company spent unnecessary money on past-due orders, ultimately leading to a much higher cost to the company.

This company’s managers needed to find a better tactic to track for repairs and stock levels.

Large Scale Manufacturing reviewed Inventory Management Software

Large Scale Manufacturing learns about Wasp Inventory Management Software

The Solution To Inventory Mess

Finding the right fit for them was at the top of the list. In this case we found the Wasp Inventory Control software to be a good match for the problems facing the large manufacturer. Let’s breakdown the specifics:

Location-specific tracking

Through specific locators the manufacturing company is able to eliminate the costly time sunk when searching for a missing part. Wasp Inventory Control allows users to set up a two-tier tracking system for their inventory based on ‘site’, a major area such as a building, warehouse, or division, and ‘location’, a smaller more precise area within the site.

Captures inventory information

With the ability to capture specific information about inventory, it can pull from the stock for information such as: work order number, employee ID number, and the equipment the part was being allocated to. All of this data can be captured via the handheld unit, this way personnel would still have the freedom to move freely throughout the facility.


Click for FULL Inventory Tracking Software Infographic

Immediate notifications

Additionally, minimum stock level alerts in the program also sends email notifications when parts need to be re-ordered, thus fixing the need to order last-minute and correcting the costs credited to rush-orders. Unlike excel, this program allows real-time tracking creating the ultimate accuracy.

Improved Inventory Management Result

Solution-based EMS Barcode demoed the new program, explained the multiple capabilities and the benefits to their company, and following the live demonstration the business implemented the free 30-day trial of the recommended solution. With a free testing period and support team, they were able to realize the benefits of barcoding and tracking of this software in less than the trial period.

In the end, the success a company achieves when employees are informed of where assets are and when items need to be repaired is exponential. Sometimes, companies need to assess their current inventory efforts and have an expert recommend an unbiased plan-of-attack. At the Dallas-based EMS Solutions, we provide recommendations and proven solutions that elevate your business’s short and long-term strategy. Even inventory strategy needs to be assessed – we can help.

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AML LDX10 Mobile Computer Reviews – 2014

The new AML LDX10 mobile computer provides a true all-in-one device that is incredibly easy to use and highly customizable. Each unit comes pre-loaded with a series of “apps” that allow for the collection of various kinds of information. These range from simple “Item Count” applications, to more advanced “Check In/Out” functions as well. These applications are presented on a clean and easy to understand interface, which allows even a basic user to familiarize themselves and be fully operational in a very short time.

In addition the LDX10 can be further customized to suit your business needs via AML’s free “DC Console” software. This program allows a user to edit existing applications for the scanner, or build brand new applications from scratch at no additional cost. These custom setups can be grouped into a brand new “suite”, delivering a set of tools that are perfect for the specific needs of the users business. AML also offers a fantastic comprehensive warranty option for the LDX10 and ongoing technical support to ensure the scanner continues making business easier on the end user for years to come.

With all of this in mind, it is clear why we have chosen the AML LDX10 as our All-In-One Data Collector of 2014.

AML LDX10 Mobile Computer Reviews

See it in action:



About AML:

Headquartered in Euless, Texas, AML was founded in 1983 with the desire to provide customers with easy to use barcode data collecting technology. All AML hardware is manufactured in the United States. With in-house engineering, excellent technical support, and an “Everything Included” philosophy, AML has become a brand name leader in handheld scanners and mini-kiosks.

Nominees: CipherLab, Unitech, Honeywell

AML LDX10 Mobile Computer Reviews

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Beverage Company Gets Inventory Software With Quickbooks

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