Inventory Management Software-Maintenance Department

Inventory Management Software-Maintenance Department

Inventory Management Software-Maintenance Department

Inventory Management Software-Maintenance Department Overview:

Many Wasp Barcode -seeking clients are coming to us with no system in place at all- they look in a bin, see that they are low on a certain stock item, and place an order for however many seems like a good number at the time. This was the case with this client, who came to EMS Barcode Solutions looking for a way to have better knowledge and control of what parts need to be ordered, and how many- in general, he wanted to better track their rate of use.

The Wasp Inventory Control Professional Solution:

Ideally, he said he would like a mobile computer scanner on each truck, to improve accountability in the field. Each technician would scan the parts they use, and then sync their data when they come back to the shop. This would then create a history for the client and his boss to use to see a full history of all items used, by whom, and when. By setting up each truck as a location as well, could get a full inventory count for each truck, too.

In total, he was looking at having thirteen mobile scanners so that there would a be a complete level of control and tracking across the board, for both warehouses and all the trucks for each, and automatic alerts when specific trucks are running low on inventory. With three physical computers, the Professional software will be a good fit- featuring e-mail alerts when it’s time to place a purchase order, and inventory forecasting based on pending purchase orders and pick orders.

Inventory Management Software-Maintenance Department

Inventory Management Software-Maintenance Department

Inventory Management Software-Maintenance Department Result:

The client was very lively and a pleasure to talk with, bringing up lots of good questions and displaying good humor. He had no experience with any kinds of warehouse management systems, so it was quite fun to help him learn some of the vocabulary associated with the technology. He was excited to know that he could change the different fields within the program to be simpler terms, too. We look forward to keeping in touch and providing heavy-duty labels to him as part of our ongoing service.


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