Inventory Control System-Hardwood Floor Manufacturer

Inventory Control System-Hardwood Floor Manufacturer

Inventory Control System-Hardwood Floor Manufacturer

Inventory Control System-Hardwood Floor Manufacturer Overview:

Today’s client is a manufacturer of hardwood floor paneling. They have multiple warehouses that receive in raw materials that are then assembled into their finished product before being shipped out to the customer.

Pen and paper tracking is time consuming:

Currently all tracking was being done by pen and paper, then was uploaded to Excel by a single individual. This was becoming increasingly time consuming for them, and they felt they could better allocate working time during the day if they had a more automated system for receiving, tracking, and shipping their inventory.

The Wasp Inventory Control Solution:

Inventory Control System-Hardwood Floor Manufacturer

Inventory Control System-Hardwood Floor Manufacturer

The client had already done extensive research on several solutions and had decided that Wasp Inventory Control was likely their best bet. They reached out to us in order to see more about the product, ask specific questions, and put to rest any final concerns they had about the software being the right fit. Through the course of our demonstration and conversations we were able to determine that Wasp Inventory Control would be able to easily aid them in their tracking and automation needs. However, they had some very specific hardware requirements that we unfortunately could not fit with
the current Wasp hardware line.

Inventory Control System-Hardwood Floor Manufacturer

Inventory Control System-Hardwood Floor Manufacturer

We were able to go through several other manufacturers, exploring different options before finally making a recommendation on the CipherLab 9700. This unit would provide the rugged and industrial mobile scanning the client needed, with the added feature of an extended range scanner. The client needed his employees on forklifts to hit barcodes up to 10 feet away.

Inventory Control System-Hardwood Floor Manufacturer Result:

Our experience with this client highlighted what we at EMS Barcode Solutions do best. We were able to not only provide assurance to the client that the research they had done was valid and accurate, but we were able to go the extra mile and piece together a software/hardware solution from various sources into one package that would fit their niche needs.


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We’re excited to announce a new addition to the Global Shop Solutions certified family of barcode scanners (available July 18) which fits a special niche between the GSS-MOBILE-1 and GSS-MOBILE-2 scanners: The GSS-MOBILE-3.


GSS-MOBILE-3 Pistol-grip attachment, optional Docking station/charger, included 4-slot battery charger, optional


This rugged Android touch computer is designed for transportation, field mobility and government applications. It has the same form factor as the GSS-MOBILE-2 but it’s more rugged and has a barcode read range of up to 10 feet (compared to the GSS-MOBILE-2’s 15-inches-read-range). Plus, the GSS-MOBILE-3 features a pistol-grip attachment option (like the GSS-MOBILE-1). If you need to scan barcodes on shelving that’s just out of reach, this is a much better option than climbing a ladder with a GSS-MOBILE-2 and leaning toward the pallet.

Each GSS-MOBILE device is backed by our 3-year warranty and includes an extra battery and a charging and communication cradle. Additional accessories are available, too, including a 4-slot battery charger and a snap-on micro-USB cable.

Don’t Take Our Word for It—Try it Out! It’s not always clear which kind of barcode scanner is the best fit for your users and work environment. As an EMS Barcode Solutions partner, you don’t need to guess. We offer free demo equipment and 30-day trials for everything we sell. Not only that, but we provide you with various types of test barcode labels (with magnetic backings) that you can place in your work environment to give your employees a realistic feel for how everything works — without having to install any software or configure any equipment.

Contact your EMS Barcode account manager today at 972-535-5555, ext. 1204 to request a demo of the GSS-MOBILE-3 and see for yourself if this is what you’ve been missing. Also, check out our eBook to see all the Global Shop Solutions certified solutions we offer:

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