Automated Temperature Screening


Non-contact temperature screening kiosk that is fast and accurate and designed to help keep your company safe and prevent the spread of viruses.


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This sleek, compact, all-in-one temperature screening kiosks is one of the fastest and most accurate systems available.   This modern-looking kiosk system will give you and your employees more confidence that your facility is safer and that the company is taking steps to protect employees and visitors.  As state and federal agencies are recommending that parties be tested for fever, this inexpensive complete system will you accomplish that.  This offers thermal infrared sensors as well as AI face recognition technology that allows your business to perform efficient, accurate temperature readings instantly.  The system is non-contact and does not require any participation from an employee or visitor.

The standalone kiosk system is plug and play, and there is no need to stand in front of an employee or visitor while pointing a handheld thermometer.

  • Simply stand a few feet from the screen
  • Instantly the screen will indicate the temperature
  • Color display threshold:  Green = Pass   Red = Fail
  • High temperature:  optional alarm and notifications via e-mail & SMS

Why Temperature Kiosk:

  • High-definition LCD display with operating temperatures of 50 ºF – 113 ºF
  • Built-in, non-contact, high-precision German thermal imaging module
  • Human body temperature detection, superimposed display, 100 ms fast identification
  • Facial recognition, temperature check and mask recognition allow for identity verification
  • Provides e-mail and SMS notification upon detection of above normal temperature
  • IP65 rating against dust and water
  • Recognition height 4.0-7.2 ft.
  • Identification method: Near-infrared detection, embedded light AI facial recognition, adapts to most environments, subject can be in motion
  • SDK support for secondary development of application software on the device side


  • Quickly test employees & guest for elevated temperature
  • Automatic alerts you if someone is trying to enter you facility with an elevated temperature
  • Privacy Pass/Fail and Black Out feature
  • Face mask recognition
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Recognition Height: 4-7.2 feet
  • Customize your system right from the device
  • Monitor real-time screenings from Ipad or phone
  • Enhanced email notifications (Zapier compatible)*
  • Enhanced AI Facial Recognition
  • Integrate My Entry Pass and QR code Integration*
  • External cooling sensor (multi-environment friendly)

How It Works:

  1. Approach non-contact temperature screening kiosk
  2. Stop within 3 feet of the screen for 1 second
  3. Instant temperature reading notification

How It Works