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About EMS Barcode

EMS Barcode has been an industry leader for more than 10 years and is still managed by its original founder.  We focus on making barcoding and inventory control easy for our manufacturing clients, so they get the reward of a significant ROI without the headache of learning new technology.

We’re based 10 miles north of Dallas but serve all of North America and we have more than 5,000 customers.

What that means for our customers is they can have confidence we’ve done projects like theirs hundreds of times in the past and the team we’ll put on their account has it ingrained in them to never pass the buck & to always provide 1st class service.

Whether we’re helping a small customer or a client on the Fortune 500 list we treat all customers the same with a goal of creating a customer for life.

Our motto is:

Treat Employees The Way You Want Them To Treat Our Customers

The EMS Barcode Difference

We evaluated dozens of products in all major brands to find the best products that meet several criteria for our customers:

  • EMS Barcode evaluates dozens of products in all major brands to find the best products that meet several criteria for our customers
    • Best product for each application in a Global Shop environment
    • Price points that support a quick ROI
    • Products must be easy to use in a real working environment
  • EMS Barcode works with engineers at Global Shop to test and certify every product, so customers have no risk of products not working
  • EMS Barcode makes it easy for our customers – they provide you everything you need in a complete kit for each application

Customers tell us they love this because they don’t have to delay their project doing their own testing, they never have to worry that they wasted money purchasing the wrong product, or that their processes break down once they go live because the products don’t fit their application. 

They also know they are getting a great price because EMS Barcode prides itself on providing great value to our customers.

Eric Sutter

Founder/Business Manager

Eric has over 17 years of experience in barcoding and inventory management solutions.  Eric founded EMS Barcode Solutions in 2010 on the premise that customers need more than data collection devices and software — they need solutions.  Eric further differentiates his company by hiring and developing solution-oriented employees who share his love of developing expertise in all aspects of barcoding, inventory control, and shop floor automation.   He has built a sales and technical team that embrace the principle that “service is standard” and we are building customers for life.

Eric has a Bachelor degree in Business Administration from UT Dallas and Masters of Science studies in Entrepreneurship from The University of Texas at Dallas.

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