Certified Global Shop Hardware

EMS Barcode Solutions is the certified hardware provider for Global Shop Solutions

The EMS Difference

  • EMS evaluates dozens of products to find the best products for every application
  • EMS works with engineers at Global Shop to test & certify every product -no risk!
  • EMS provides everything you need in a complete kit for each application

Mobile Computers

Get rid of pen & paper & all the headaches that come with them

  • Quickly conduct inventory audits & cycle counts
  • Increase inventory accuracy & reduce time spent looking for products
  • Access & update inventory data in real-time
  • Quickly receive inventory & put away stock
  • Decrease inventory write-offs & lost sales
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Barcode Printers

Barcode label printers for manufacturing

  • Print inventory & serial # labels in-house to save time & money
  • Print shipping labels fast & easily
  • Versatile barcode printers for all manufacturing applications
  • Rack labeling, standard media, & color labels available
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Automated Temperature Screening

Ensure a safer workforce & more peace of mind

  • Automate employee temperature screening
  • In seconds, receive a pass or fail alert
  • Meets FDA guidelines
  • Easy-to-install and easy-to-use
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Enjoy more freedom in your life with an industrial tablet

  • Supervisors can quickly access the information they need to help staff without going back to their desk
  • Conduct QC on the fly & improve customer satisfaction
  • Go paperless & save on paper cost, reduce errors, & improve the speed in your operations
  • Increase speed by quickly accessing drawings & illustrations
  • Available with an optional 2D barcode scanner, with Windows or Android, & does not require Global Shop Mobile
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Barcode Scanners

Increase speed and accuracy

  • Quickly scan work orders
  • Reduce human error & eliminate manual writing
  • Increase speed & output on your shop floor
  • Quickly clock-in & out
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Wireless Networks

Are you happy with your factory Wi-Fi?

  • 100% Coverage & no dead spots
  • Dedicated bandwidth for mission-critical devices
  • Less dropped user sessions
  • Is your network ready for all the new devices?
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Increase production by reducing the time spent walking

  • Everything you need in one small footprint workstation
  • Access the application without the need of a PC which means less space & money
  • Make employees more productive by giving them the tools in one location
  • Increase speed by quickly accessing drawings & illustrations
  • Customizable configuration to meet the demands of every application
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RFID Technology

Improve your shop floor with RFID

  • Automate data collection & improve employee productivity
  • Significantly reduce human effort and error
  • Increase speed and production
  • Supports tag reading with no line-of-sight or item-by-item scans
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