Certified Global Shop Hardware

EMS Barcode Solutions is the certified hardware provider for Global Shop Solutions

Hardware Assurance

You’ll never have to worry about testing the equipment yourself to ensure compatibility or wasting money on products that won’t work because we worked with Global Shop engineers to certify everything we sell.

Mobile Computers

Get rid of pen & paper & all the headaches that come with them

  • Quickly conduct inventory audits & cycle counts
  • Increase inventory accuracy & reduce time spent looking for products
  • Access & update inventory data in real-time
  • Quickly receive inventory & put away stock
  • Decrease inventory write-offs & lost sales
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Barcode Printers

Barcode label printers for manufacturing

  • Print inventory & serial # labels in-house to save time & money
  • Print shipping labels fast & easily
  • Versatile barcode printers for all manufacturing applications
  • Rack labeling, standard media, & color labels available
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Automated Temperature Screening

Ensure a safer workforce & more peace of mind

  • Automate employee temperature screening
  • In seconds, receive a pass or fail alert
  • Meets FDA guidelines
  • Easy-to-install and easy-to-use
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Enjoy more freedom in your life with an industrial tablet

  • Supervisors can quickly access the information they need to help staff without going back to their desk
  • Conduct QC on the fly & improve customer satisfaction
  • Go paperless & save on paper cost, reduce errors, & improve the speed in your operations
  • Increase speed by quickly accessing drawings & illustrations
  • Available with an optional 2D barcode scanner, with Windows or Android, & does not require Global Shop Mobile
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Barcode Scanners

Increase speed and accuracy

  • Quickly scan work orders
  • Reduce human error & eliminate manual writing
  • Increase speed & output on your shop floor
  • Quickly clock-in & out
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Wireless Networks

Are you happy with your factory Wi-Fi?

  • 100% Coverage & no dead spots
  • Dedicated bandwidth for mission-critical devices
  • Less dropped user sessions
  • Is your network ready for all the new devices?
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Increase production by reducing the time spent walking

  • Everything you need in one small footprint workstation
  • Access the application without the need of a PC which means less space & money
  • Make employees more productive by giving them the tools in one location
  • Increase speed by quickly accessing drawings & illustrations
  • Customizable configuration to meet the demands of every application
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RFID Technology

Improve your shop floor with RFID

  • Automate data collection & improve employee productivity
  • Significantly reduce human effort and error
  • Increase speed and production
  • Supports tag reading with no line-of-sight or item-by-item scans
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