Inventory Control System for Bus Repair Company

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Inventory Control System for Bus Repair Company
Inventory Control System for Bus Repair Company

Inventory Control System for Bus Repair Company Overview:

One of the greatest joys of our job here is working alongside some very interesting and unique companies. This client specializes in refurbishing and repairing buses after any kind of incident. From collision to fire, their expertise in getting the vehicles cleaned, refitted and back on the road has made them an industry leader.

Inventory Control System for Bus Repair Company Problem:

While the company did have an existing system in place it had grown outdated and no longer suited the growing needs our client had. They were looking for a solution that provided additional functionality, but more importantly they needed a system that could grow and develop over time with their business. The many “box” solutions they had researched prior to coming to us all had shortcomings in one area or another, and they were not willing to settle on trying to fit their business procedures into a restrictive software.

Flowtrac Software was the Solution:

Inventory Control System for Bus Repair Company
Inventory Control System for Bus Repair Company

After discussing the needs of the client, and the direction they would like to go over the next five years, we decided to take a closer look at the FlowTrac software solution. We recommended this initially due to FlowTrac’s customizability and their core principles of growing a relationship between software and user that would allow the solution to adapt to fit the needs of the client. During the demonstration we focused on the development of a workflow process that included the generation of a work order form tied to specific job numbers. This would allow our client to track what inventory needed to be requisitioned to a specific project or job, as well as track it through the process all the way to completion and even record how many hours were spent on each stage of restoration. We were also able to use the flowchart for work the client had provided to design a specific set of processes within the FlowTrac system, customized for optimal efficiency for the client. The client was also very satisfied to learn that FlowTrac would partner them with a dedicated programmer who would work with them directly for any customization, setup and training needs their company had after the sale. This eliminated the fear that they would have to call into a generic queue and speak with a random representative any time they needed support or work done.

Inventory Control System for Bus Repair Company Result:

The combination of customization, ongoing development, and a real partnership with the development team behind their solution was exactly what our client had been looking for. They were very pleased with the demonstration and the amount of detail that went into creating a plan of implementation before a decision was made. The client had come to us with many concerns and doubts about their ability to successfully implement a complex solution on their own. We were able to put these concerns to rest and show them that by working with EMS Barcode Solutions and FlowTrac we would provide them with a dependable and low-risk solution.


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