4 Ways EMS Can Help Unlock Your ERP’s Full Business Automation Potential

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Do you realize that if you’re using an ERP (enterprise resource planning) system at your company you’re in the minority of manufacturers? According to a Manufacturing Report by Illinois-based accounting firm Sikich LLP, 53% of those polled are still using manual processes to measure key performance indicators (KPIs). Eleven percent of survey respondents reported using custom built/legacy applications to monitor their KPIs and only 26% are using an ERP solution.

If you’re using an ERP that’s great, but if you’re not pairing it with the appropriate complementary hardware and media, you won’t realize the full potential your ERP suite has to offer.

EMS Barcode Solutions has a strong focus on the manufacturing industry as well as closely-related environments such as warehouses, distribution centers and supply chain and logistics. Since our company’s inception nearly a decade ago, we’ve been providing ERP users with customized hardware solutions and other complementary services. If you’ve recently purchased an ERP solution, here are four ways EMS can help you unlock all the business automation benefits your software suite has to offer:

  1. Custom hardware solution consulting. If you’re business processes and workflows aren’t optimized or you’re not using mobile solutions and barcode labeling to reduce manual data entry, you’re still going to struggle with inventory tracking and data entry errors. This is where we can help. Each of our customers receives a dedicated EMS Barcode account manager who will get to know your business and work with you to provide specific feedback and recommendations based on your company’s unique hardware solution needs.
  2. Certified hardware and media. When it comes to selecting barcode scanners and other shop floor hardware, the choices can be overwhelming. Not only are there dozens of manufacturers and retail outlets to choose from – there are infinitely more options when you factor in scanning engines, operating systems, and other computing spec choices. As an EMS customer, you don’t have to take on this burden. We’ve already vetted and tested several types and categories of shop floor hardware, and we’ve certified that it works with specific ERP suites. And if you’re a Global Shop Solutions ERP customer, we’ve even created a custom landing page where you can see these products for yourself. And, don’t worry, we’ll never ask you to make a buying decision based on a picture and a blurb; we offer free demo equipment and a 30-day money back guarantee on all hardware purchases.
  3. Post-sales support. Even the best hardware can sometimes have problems. And, when these situations happen, you need a trusted resource who can quickly diagnose and fix the problem and minimize downtime. EMS has all your post-sales support needs covered, including barcode equipment warranties and repairs on all major brands with turnaround times as short as one to two days.
  4. Managed services. Instead of waiting for technical problems to happen and then reacting, EMS Barcode’s mobile device management services can detect factors that precede device failure (e.g. batteries reaching end of life, hard drives nearing capacity) and take proactive steps to minimize downtime and optimize business continuity.

This is just a highlight of the complementary value-added services EMS can offer Global Shop Solutions customers and other ERP users. As you get to know our company better, feel free to contact us via our website to chat, email or call us. We’re looking forward to speaking with you, and we’re ready to help because our success depends on your success.

Article by Eric Sutter

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