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Why use barcode scanners?

Barcode scanners are ideal for increasing the efficiency of your data capture. Depending on the type of barcodes you’re using, they can contain large amounts of information and with a barcode scanner you can quickly and accurately transmit that information to a database or other program. Barcoding is a vital part of most modern supply chains and inventory control systems, and without a barcode scanner you can’t participate and capture that valuable data for your business.

What are the different form factors and types of barcode scanners?

A form factor describes the design of a barcode scanner, and for the most part there are five main types of form factor to choose from. Most people are familiar with the handheld scan guns used in many retail establishments. Another common form of barcode scanner is the in-counter scanner, which you can find in most grocery stores, in the check-out aisles. Presentation scanners are also common, you’ve probably seen one at your local convenience store, and they’re designed to sit on a counter-top and scan anything which is passed in front of their lens. Mobile computers are larger, high-tech barcode scanners which bridge the gap between handheld scanners and mobile phones, providing advanced functionality and much more customization. Finally, you can purchase fixed-mount barcode scanners to be attached to factory equipment if you need a custom barcode reading solution.

Ease of use, plug and play USB barcode scanning

The major advantage of USB barcode scanners is that they traditionally require little or no set-up. Generally, using a USB barcode scanner is as simple as plugging the scanner into a USB port on your computer and scanning your barcodes. Thanks to this simple functionality, USB barcode scanners are by far the easiest solution to implement for basic inventory tracking, and barcode scanning at a fixed location.

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