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What you need to know about Thermal Barcode Printers

Thermal Barcode Printers are specifically designed to produce high quality labels, wristbands, and receipts. They are broadly categorized into three types: Portable, desktop, and industrial. Portable models tend to have the lowest print speeds, but they’re often wearable or can be easily carried. Industrial models are designed to print hundreds or thousands of labels and barcodes per day. Desktop models split the difference, printing up to several hundred bar codes per day. Each barcode printer has different settings for print width and print resolution. Resolution is measured in dots-per-inch (dpi), and is a measure of how detailed labels can be made with the printer.

DT vs TT Barcode Printers

Thermal Barcode Printers work by applying heat to a print surface which places a mark on the label, receipt or wristband. There are two methods of thermal printing: Direct Thermal or Thermal Transfer. Thermal Transfer barcode printers use a heated print head to apply ink to the print media. Direct Thermal barcode printers simple use heat to make an impression on media. The advantage of DT printing is that it is faster and cheaper, since there is no need to replace a ribbon. However, TT printers leave clearer, longer lasting marks and produce labels which are much less sensitive to heat and weather.

Inkjet vs Thermal – Why you need a barcode printer

Traditional inkjet printers produce high quality media, so why bother replacing yours with a thermal barcode printer? Thermal barcode printers offer high quality printing at a fraction of the cost – no expensive ink cartridges to replace. They’re also specifically designed to produce large quantities of labels or receipts, meaning that they have all the accessories you’d need.


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