Asset Tracking and Maintenance Management

Asset Tracking and Maintenance Management

Asset Tracking and Maintenance Management

Asset Tracking and Maintenance Management Company Overview:

We recently had the pleasure of working with a company that specializes in maintenance and service for condominium associations as well as individual homeowners. Their services ranged from carpentry, plumbing, to anything electrical, and they pride themselves on always being equipped to handle any need their customers may present.

Asset Tracking and Maintenance Management Problem:

This client approached us in a similar situation we have found in so many others. They were relying on simple memory and the occasional scribble on a sheet of paper to keep track of their valuable tools and equipment. Over time this was proving to be a serious issue as these assets would turn up missing, and often times a job would have to be put on hold while additional money was spent buying replacements that otherwise would not have been necessary.

Asset Tracking and Maintenance Management Solution:

Asset Tracking and Maintenance Management

Asset Tracking and Maintenance Management

It was clear from the start the customer would benefit tremendously from being able to not only identify where their tools were at any given time, but also who was currently using them or had them “checked out”. Since most of these tools were being stored in one location with only a few people needing access to a tracking system we took a look at Wasp Mobile Asset, for a mid-size solution with tremendous ease of use. During our demonstration we also discovered we could utilize the custom fields in the software to track the “owner” of the asset. This was important to the client for reporting purposes, so they could easily identify who had purchased what for accounting reasons. While going through the system we also found that they could treat their fleet vehicles as locations, enabling them to better keep track of not only what was in the tool cribs, but also assigned to each individual truck even if it was not checked out to a person or job. The easily configurable “list views” (excel style spreadsheets of information) also stood out to our customer and they immediately began discussing amongst themselves the variety of possibilities for daily use of such easy data gathering.

The Result:

Our client felt we had identified the perfect fit for them. They had initially been concerned that this issue of theirs would require a very expensive and complex implementation to resolve. After seeing the user friendly interface of Wasp Mobile Asset, and learning how the system can start small and scale up with their needs as they grow they felt assured they were making the right decision.


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Asset Tracking Software Reviews 2014

Asset Tracking Software Reviews 2014

Wasp Mobile Asset contains an array of powerful tracking methods, allowing users to not only identify what items they have, but also where they are located at any given time. Featuring a full-fledged check out/check in system, maintenance tracking, auditing tools, as well as extensive reports, Mobile Asset provides users the accountability they need at a low barrier of entry. This extensive feature set at a cost-effective price point makes

Wasp an ideal fit for any organization that would better like to track their equipment without investing in a big ticket solution.

Customizable Dashboard Signature Capture Signature Capture Multiple Location Tracking Department Tracking Security Based on Users Check Out/Check In Audits on PC/Mobile Track Funding Source/Grants Email Notifications Customizable Fields Real Time Updates 60+ Reports


With the introduction of Version 7, released in 2014, the software has made the leap forward into smartphone capability and will now operate on all current iOS and Android devices. This improves on the systems already flexible nature, and will allow for greater ease in tracking your company’s assets anywhere, anytime. Additionally, Mobile Asset V7 has also provided users with the ability to track which funding source was used in the assets acquisition, an important tool for many organizations, and a feature few other solutions can offer. Mobile Asset V7 is also the first time that Wasp has offered a separate version of the system, Mobile Asset EDU. This variant contains the core features of Mobile Asset V7, with several additions made specifically for educational organizations.

With these improvements, and many more, Wasp Mobile Asset V7 has earned our Best Asset Tracking Software review for 2014.

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About Wasp Barcode Technologies:

Founded in Plano, Texas, Wasp Barcode Technologies has been a leader in inventory and asset management solutions for over 20 years. Specializing in economic and highly effective tracking solutions for small to mid-sized businesses, Wasp offers numerous bundle packages which include both software and hardware for a complete solution. Wasp currently boasts over 500,000 active users.

Other Nominees for Asset tracking software reviews: Intellitrak, Redbeam, Jolly, ASAP

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