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  • Inventory Management Software

    Inventory Management Software

    CorgiSoft is our inventory management software designed to be an efficient, fully supported, and easy to use solution to your inventory tracking needs. It is an excellent solution for entry-level barcode based...

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  • Warehouse Management System

    Warehouse Management System

    Utilizing advanced features and a zero footprint browser based program, FlowTrac provides a new level of inventory control to your business. With this software, you can manage inventory levels, check inventory...

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  • Temperature Scanning

    Temperature Scanning

    Help your company get safely back to work.

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  • Barcode Software (How to create a Barcode)

    Barcode Software (How to create a Barcode)

    Creating labels and barcodes can be difficult without specialized software. Luckily, there are a variety of choices when it comes to choosing the right barcode software for your business. Different brands will have different printing capabilities...

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  • What is Inventory?

    What is Inventory?

    An inventory management system allows you to keep a record of incoming and outgoing inventory quickly and easily, to ensure that you know how much of each item you have available. With a well-designed inventory management...

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  • RFID vs Barcoding

    RFID vs Barcoding

    Like RFID tags, barcodes pack a lot of information into a small space, and both are used for applications like inventory control and hospital patient identification. But barcode labels must be seen, and scanned, individually. Typically, an operator has to point the scanner directly at the barcode. RFID tags work via radio waves, and can be scanned even when they’re invisible ...

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EMS Barcode Solutions

Inventory & Asset Tracking - EMS Barcode Solutions

About EMS Barcode Solutions

At EMS Barcode Solutions we believe that anything can be built on a foundation of hard work, determination, and top-quality service. Each and every member of our team is passionate about our role and firmly believes that each day is a challenge to be met head on. We carry that same enthusiasm into our relationship with every customer and vendor we work alongside, and we strive to ensure those relationships are always the core of our operation.

Our guiding philosophy is simple but powerful. “If you are not improving, you are falling behind.” We begin each day by taking the time to work as a team on various exercises which strengthens us both as individuals and as a company. From studying advanced product knowledge which improves our understanding of the space, to goal setting exercises that encourage us to develop further as people and professionals – we carry this drive for improvement with us through every day.

We look forward to working alongside you and introducing you to our family and culture here at EMS Barcode Solutions!



Manufacturing | Education | Oil & Gas | Government | Healthcare

EMS Barcode Solutions offers a wide range of inventory management solutions to fit your business needs. From hardware and media such as barcode scanners, wireless barcode scanners, barcode printers, and robust mobile computers all the way up to stand-alone or fully integrated inventory management software systems, and we don’t stop there. We believe the real job for us begins after you’ve chosen the right inventory management solutions for your business. With our dedicated team of service professionals, we work hand in hand with your company on the implementation of inventory management solutions, data imports, training, configuration, and much more. Our goal is to ensure you realize ROI as quickly and efficiently as possible and have a reliable business partner for years to come.

EMS will keep you connected to your software packages and databases you already own and trust such as:


Databases: AS400 | SQL | MySQL | IBM DB2 | PostgreSQL