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Asset Tracking Software

Asset Tracking Software

Your company relies on mission-critical assets to drive business and manage key processes. Using manual or spreadsheet-based systems to track and control these critical assets can lead to inefficiency, errors, and unnecessary asset loss. If your business is ready to upgrade to a more efficient asset tracking system, contact the technology experts at EMS Barcode Solutions. Our team of consultants will help you select an affordable, easy-to-implement solution that will deliver complete control of your organization's assets.

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Learn About Asset Tracking

An automated solution will give you insight into key data about each asset, including location, check-in and check-out status, due date, maintenance, depreciation, and more. Keeping accurate records of your business' assets can simplify tax calculations, improve accountability, and eliminate unnecessary expenses to replace lost or misplaced items.


EMS Barcode Solutions offers a wide range of solution oriented products, including tool crib tracking systems, software license tracking systems, and check-in/check-out systems. Some of the factors we will take into account when helping you select the right solution include:

Software or solution?

Your organization can choose from stand-alone asset tracking software or a complete solution. Complete solutions include a barcode scanner or mobile computer for managing assets in the field, and a barcode printer for creating asset tags and location labels. A barcode scanner or mobile computer eliminates the need for manual data entry, allowing your organization to save time and avoid data entry errors.

Assets vs. inventory

The distinction between assets and inventory is important when it comes to selecting a solution for your business. Assets are items that are not resold by your company. Although assets may be loaned out to customers or employees, ownership is ultimately retained by your organization. Commonly tracked assets include PCs, laptops, software, projectors, vehicles, tools, and furniture. Inventory items are sold, distributed, or consumed by your business. Medical supplies and office supplies are considered inventory, since they are consumed.

Quantity & type of assets

The number and type of assets your business needs to track will also play a role in determining which asset tracking software is right for you. Software can track fewer than a hundred assets and up to hundreds of thousands of items. Asset tracking software also varies in its ability to track software licenses, manage maintenance, and track check-in and check-out.

Number of locations and users

Solutions include one, five, or an unlimited number of PC user licenses. Additional user licenses can be added after implementation to expand your user base. EMS Barcode Solutions also offers asset tracking software that can accommodate multiple locations or multiple tenants.

If you're ready to learn more about our solutions that will help your business track and control mission-critical assets, contact EMS Barcode Solutions today. One of our technology consultants will work with you to understand your application and recommend an affordable, appropriate solution for your business.

Contact EMS Barcode Solutions at 972.535.5555
Contact EMS Barcode Solutions at 972.535.5555
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